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LASRA Registration Center in Amuwo Odofin

Visit Wellzino Communication in Amuwo Odofin today and get registered for LASRA. LASRA enables you to access government services and can be used an official identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

LASRA stands for Lagos State Residents Registration Agency. It is an agency established by the Lagos State Government. LASRA is responsible for registering and capturing the demographic data of residents in Lagos State. The government plan to use it for for administrative and development purposes.

You can use your LASRA slip as an official identification document since it is issued by the Lagos State Government. You can use the slip for opening bank accounts, registering and activating SIM cards, applying for government jobs and programs.

LASRA registration enables you to access government services and benefits such as healthcare programs, educational initiatives, social welfare programs, and other services aimed at improving the well-being of Lagos residents.