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Become a Certified Agent Banker

Tap into the booming world of financial services in Nigeria. This program not only equips you with essential banking skills but also empowers you to establish your own financial service business.

With online training, expert support, and the backing of CIBN, this is your chance to shape your financial success story.

Our group registration code: WEL23

Introducing the Agency Banking Certification Program by CIBN

The Agency Banking Certification (ABC) program by CIBN is a certification program designed to equip individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in agent banking. Agent banking is crucial for financial inclusion and aims to create access points, ultimately eradicating poverty.

What is Agent Banking?

Agent banking refers to a financial service delivery channel where traditional banking services are provided by authorized agents rather than through a brick-and-mortar bank branch.

These agents can be individuals, businesses, or entities authorized by a financial institution or a bank to offer a range of banking services on their behalf.

When you withdraw money from a POS shop by the roadside, you are dealing with an agent banker. No more long queues in the banking hall. This is the future of financial services in Nigeria.

What Are the Benefits of the Agency Banking Certification Program?

The program comes with a host of benefits which include the following...


Certified agents gain recognition and authorization to handle specialized banking services, enabling them to cater to diverse customer needs efficiently and competently.



The program offers comprehensive training, enhancing participants' skills and knowledge, thereby building their capacity to excel in agent banking and related financial services.


Certification pre-qualifies agents, making them eligible to participate in significant government projects, and opening avenues for lucrative business opportunities and collaborations.


Participants benefit from networking, connecting with industry experts and peers, fostering collaborations, sharing insights, and staying updated on industry trends, enriching their professional circle.

Financial Support

Certified agents gain access to financial resources and support, facilitating business growth and expansion, ultimately enhancing their ability to serve clients effectively.



Certification provides a recognized professional identity, protecting agents from potential harassment or challenges they might face while conducting banking activities, and ensuring a secure working environment.


The certification fulfills a crucial requirement mandated by regulatory bodies like the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and intervention organizations, validating agents' competence and ensuring compliance with industry standards.


The program instills professionalism and sets participants apart by equipping them with specialized skills, enhancing their credibility in the financial sector.

Frequently Asked Questions About ABC

Who Is Eligible to Participate in the Agency Banking Certification Program?

The program is open to people from diverse backgrounds and professions, irrespective of their field of expertise or the sector they work in.

However, interested individuals must meet the minimum qualification standards specified by the Institute, which can vary and are periodically approved.

Additionally, candidates must have registered as student members with the Institute, and the unique membership registration number obtained during this process will serve as their examination identification number when they sit for the exams.

How Can Interested Candidates Register for the Certification Program?

Interested candidates can only enroll through authorized agents and entities. This restriction ensures that candidates are properly guided and supervised through the certification process, maintaining the program’s standards and integrity.
We are pleased to announce that Wellzino Communication Limited has been officially authorized as a registration partner for the prestigious Agency Banking Certification Program (ABC). Our group registration code is WEL23.

What is the Timeline for the Agency Banking Certification Program FOR THIS BATCH?


Registration Period:  It takes place two times a year. Please contact us for more details.
Release of Study Materials: November 30, 2023
Training Period (Online/Physical):  It takes place two times a year. Please contact us for more details.
1st Agency Banking Certification Examination: April 2024

Can the Training Be Done Online?

Yes, the preparatory training sessions for the program are entirely conducted online. Participants can access study materials, lectures, and interactive sessions through online platforms without the need to attend physical classes.
However, when it comes to the certification examination, it will be supervised by an invigilator to ensure the integrity and security of the exam process. The exam is also online.

What Are the Fees Associated with the ABC program?

Group Registration Fee: ₦5,000
CIBN Registration Fee: ₦5,000
Program & Examination Fee: ₦23,000
Total Cost: ₦33,000

What Are the Different Levels of the Agency Banking Certification Program and Their Durations?

Foundation Level: Online, 7.5 hours, 1 week
Intermediate Level: Online, 16 hours, 4 weeks
Certified Level: Online/Physical, 30 hours, 6 weeks

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