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eNaira Services You Can Trust

We help individuals and businesses open and fund eNaira accounts, and onboard new merchants.

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The Challenges of Using eNaira

Lack of know-how

Most people and businesses are still unfamiliar with digital wallets and the process of using Enaira.

Time Investment

Understanding how to navigate the eNaira system takes time and a level of technical expertise.

Technical Issues

Many users experience issues such as not receiving OTPs or accessing their eNaira account.

How We Can Help

Whether it's a connectivity problem, app malfunction, or any other technical obstacle, we will help you to find a solution.

We explain the functionalities of the eNaira wallet, walk you through the transaction processes, and answer any questions to help you start using eNaira for your financial needs.

We have direct lines of communication with the banks and financial institutions, enabling us to escalate the matter and resolved issues promptly.

We help you implement best practices for securing your eNaira wallet, protecting your personal information, and safeguarding against potential threats.

Fund your eNaira wallet conveniently and instantly using our services. We accept both cash and online transfer.

Want to become an eNaira merchant? We will guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring that you understand the process, meet the criteria set by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and complete the registration successfully.

Wellzino Communication

Why Choose Us as Your eNaira Merchant and Consultant?

Expertise and Experience

We are well-versed in the processes, requirements, and best practices related to eNaira account opening, funding, and usage.

Prompt Issue Resolution

When you encounter any challenges or issues with your eNaira account, we will be there to assist and resolve them.


Customised Guidance

Whether you are an individual or a business, we take the time to understand your unique situation and offer customised eNaira solutions.


Focus on Security

We ensure that the necessary security measures are in place to protect your eNaira wallet from unauthorised access or breaches.

Stress-Free Onboarding

We make the process of opening an eNaira account smooth and hassle-free. We guide you through the registration process, ensuring all necessary details are accurately provided and verified.

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Reliable Support

You can count on us for prompt responses, clear communication, and dedicated assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eNaira?

eNaira is a digital currency introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a legal tender. It is a form of electronic money that allows individuals and businesses to make digital transactions, similar to using cash.

How do I fund my eNaira account?

You can fund your eNaira account through various methods, including transferring funds from your bank account using online or mobile banking channels. Also, you can deposit cash using authorised eNaira agents like Wellzino or designated bank branches.

Who are eNaira merchants?

eNaira merchants are businesses or individuals who accept eNaira as a form of payment for goods or services. They are part of the eNaira ecosystem and enable customers to buy goods using their eNaira wallets.

How do I fund my eNaira account?

Yes, eNaira is designed with advanced security features to ensure it is safe to use. The Central Bank of Nigeria has implemented robust security measures, including cryptographic techniques, to protect against counterfeiting, cloning, and other breaches. Additionally, the eNaira wallet operates on a tiered KYC (Know Your Customer) structure, ensuring secure access and usage of digital currency.

How to Get Started Today

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