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How to Get to Wellzino

To get to Lijentic Plaza near Jerks pharmacy in Amuwo odofin, please follow these directions:

Board a bus heading towards Satellite Town.

Look for buses that have “Satellite Town” or “Alakija” as their destination or route. Buses indicating “Mile 2,” “Agboju,” or “Alakija” usually pass through the Satellite Town area.

Once you’ve boarded the bus, inform the conductor or driver that you’re heading to Ligentic Plaza at Alakija Bus Stop.

Alight at Alakija Bus Stop.

Stay alert during the journey and keep track of landmarks. When you approach Alakija Bus Stop, inform the conductor or driver that you’d like to get off. They will usually call out the bus stop names, but it’s good to double-check and ensure you alight at the correct stop.

Proceed to Ligentic Plaza.

After alighting at Alakija Bus Stop, Ligentic Plaza should be within walking distance. You can ask locals for directions or use a map application on your phone to guide you to the exact location of the plaza.

Consider traffic conditions and plan your journey accordingly, as travel times may vary. It’s advisable to carry small denominations of money for bus fares.