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Tongkat Ajimat Madura Vagina Tightening Stick


This is a female hygiene vagina tightening product made from natural plants such as Honeysuckle, talcum powder, Pearl Powder, Borneol BaiFan Powder, and Madura Mountain.

The root is known to have been used in ancient times in Asia for shrinking the size of the vagina.
It helps renew cells, tightens the vagina, regulates sexual apathy, improves the elasticity of the vagina, and enhances sexual sensation that will make you feel like a woman within 30 seconds.

This product stimulates the female hormone and delays aging; it cleans the vagina environment, eliminates the toxin from vagina; it regulates the secretion, dissolves the pigmentation color spots on the face.


  • Stimulate and intensify mutual excitement during sex.
  • Tightens vaginal wall for maximum pleasure
  • Eliminate vaginal ‘white discharge’ (leucorrhoea) and banish vaginal odour.
  • Relieve internal vagina irritation and discomfort.
  • Ideally suitable for women who try to accomplish their full potential
  • Provide maximum sexual pleasure for both participants.
  • It is safe and very effective.
  •  Stimulate the female hormone and delay aging;
  •  Clean the vagina environment, eliminate the toxin from vagina
  •  Prevent and cure all kinds of gynaecopathia
  •  Safe & convenient


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