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RIDA Disinfectant


Did you know that germs live on Toilet seats for up to 7 days? Toilet seats can be the reason you contact something messy from outside, bring it home, and pass it on. The dangerous thing about these dangerous things is that they do not inform you before they deal with you.

Well, that passing on of germs has to stop. We are in COVID19 season so it is best to avoid this: There are three things you could do, one of them is to disinfect the toilet you use at home and at work. RIDA Disinfectant is highly effective with this.



The product is also very effective as a sterilizer for barbing kits and manicure/pedicure sets and a ready companion in beauty salons.

A trial will convince you.

  • Keeps germs at bay
  • For healthy bath time hygiene
  • First aid and wound care
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Keeps children safe in school


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