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Norland Wuqing Female Health Care Pad (Nouripad)


Norland Nouripad Nourishing Health Pad for Female is made with 100% cotton, functional chip, absorbent paper and breathable film. it is clean and comfortable when used. It is perfect for detoxification.


  • Ideal for Women Suffering From Blocked Fallopian Tube And Fibroid.
  • The pad completely Eliminates virginal infections.
  • Eliminates ovarian cyst.
  • It melts out fibroid tumours  regardless of the location.
  • It aids fertility by opening up any blocked fallopian tube.
  • It detoxifies the kidney.
  • It increases stamina and boost sexual performance.
  • It treats every irregular menstrual.
  • maintains and protects the reproductive system, 
  • revives self-healing properties
  • improves health index as well as life vitality.
  • Comfortable menstruation


  1. Women who are in sub-health conditions and suffer from dizziness, headache,

insomnia, dreaminess, night sweat, immunity decline, pain in waist and back,

limb weakness, dark complexion, dry wrinkles, color spots, pimples and sexual


  1. Women who suffer from reproductive and urinary system diseases such as

leucorrhea abnormality, irregular menstruation, vaginal itching, dysmenorrheal,

vaginal relaxation and dryness, sex pain, sexual debility and depression-aging.

  1. Women who are at potential risk of major diseases such as colpomycosis,

bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, cervical polyp, cervical hypertrophy, cervical

erosion and even breast cancer and cervical cancer.


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