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Norland Detox Pack (Herbal Detoxifiers)


Detox is a multifunctional cleanser that detoxifies key Areas of the body thereby boosting your immune system keeping you healthy and fresh.

SKU: 12342933


  • It removes lung toxic white and lung toxic green
  • It removes spleen toxin yellow
  • It removes kidney toxin black
  • Improve immunity and prevents viral disease
  • Prolong lifespan and delay aging
  • Bring out toxic scales from the viscera and clean the inner body environment
  • Clean the viscera and improves the absorption of nutrition and medicine
  • Improve body function and self healing abilities after detoxification
  • Increase  the activity of SOD and improve the functions of anti-oxidation, antivirus and anti-radiation of the body 
  • Reduces the risk of cancer 

2 reviews for Norland Detox Pack (Herbal Detoxifiers)

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