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Longrich LIBAO (Fertility Supplement for Men)


This product is a must have for every Real Man. A herbal supplement made to help you maintain a Rock Hard Erection and satisfy your partner without much arguments.
It increases sexual performance, improves sperm count, adjusting immunity and eliminating fatigue.- Suitable for men with low immunity and easily tiring.- Effective for treating stiffness e.g. arthritis etc-
It penetrates the bone to expel pathogenic wind.- It helps to treat Down Syndrome- For skin disease- Useful in reducing douding (nebula) of the cornea, the skin of the eyes.-
It can be used to treat epilepsy and paralysis and it is the essential material for wind arthralgia, convulsion, scabies and malignant scabies because it travels everywhere, outward to the skin and inward to the viscera.

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  • This Products is Fertility Supplement for Men
  • This products is specially formulated for men to improve sperm count
  • Helps to prevent sperm aging in Men
  • Increases sexual performance
  • Ideal for men with quick tiring body
  • Eliminate Fatigue
  • Improves Sleep
  • Strengthens the immune system and activities of sperm
  • Improves the functioning of the Male reproductive system in all ramification
  • Slow down aging and weakening of the body which ensures good health and longevity
  • This products is also used to treat impotence, Kidney disease, chronic inflammation of the Testicles
  • Helps in the treatment of down syndrome
  • Corrects and treats fertility problem in Men
  • Can penetrate the Bones to expel pathogenic wind
  • A must for men optimal Health
  • Not suitable for Children or Female

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