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Aichun Beauty Eight Pack Slimming Cream


Localized fat in men needs a specific treatment. For this reason, we have developed a reducing cream only for men with immediate effects. The reductive cream for men is a cosmetic made from 100% natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Actíigym, Carnitine and Caffeine that helps eliminate markedly fat located thighs, legs, abdomen and waist. It is perfect for men who want to shape their silhouette as it acts from the inside to burn the fats that accumulate in different areas and help define the contour of the body.



  • Aichun Eight Pack For Men Strong Waist Manly Torso Smooth Lines Press Belly 170g
  • Removes Fat
  • Renews & Firms Skin
  • You can see a firm skin in 3 days
  • Long  Lasting & Effective without bounce


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